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Boldstream is more than watching YOUR HERO, it's BEING THERE WITH YOUR HERO.


Disruptive Live Streaming

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Boldstream brings an entirely new viewer experience that is unlike anything that exists in today's digital market.

Boldstream is customized to your content, brand and sponsors. We are Agile and fully collaborative to give you the most value for your live presentation and the VOD presentation afterwards.



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Feature Set


Boldstream is like Alexa for watching video. We are constantly adding new "skills" to make watching more interactive, more fun, more tailored to what viewers and fans like doing while watching.

Immersive, Interactive and Gamified content experience keeps your fans and viewers engaged. 

New ways to grab the attention of the sponsors target market with the show branding, ad spot, viewers score, choice of ally and updated info from the show.

Below are just a few of the "skills" Boldstream presents to your viewers.

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Main Screen &

Multi Camera


The Main Screen also goes full screen, for times you are watching on the big screen.

Commercials and banner ad spots appear here in full size or as inserts in the lower third. They become slightly translucent if there is no interaction.

Viewers can listen to multiple announcers, such as home team, away, foreign languages, social media influencers, liberal, conservative, or the main produced audio while watching any other video angle from the show.

Quizzes, Surveys and Votes are created live by producers, and can include points for the answer, and display results in real time.


Boldstream is fantastic for debates and town halls.



Interactive Map


The branded map shows where the influencer cameras are located.

SuperFans and Influencers who are sharing from their phone appear on the map when they go live.

Athletes, cast and players who are wearing cameras are featured with a face icon to let fans see their point of view or action wherever they are.

Boldstream partners with advanced camera manufacturers with exceptional motion stabilization so even sports can have POV cams.


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Chat &

Video Call-In


We are crazy about texting while watching TV. Sharing your $.02. Boldstream offers chat invites, private rooms to comment in a watching party.

Even more, with Boldstream, viewers can video-call into the live event. Wonderful for awards shows.

Producers are on call to screen the audience and call them back when it's time to be on the show.



Text Chat is automatically moderated. Manual moderation is also possible.

Video call-in is automatically queued to producers who screen the callers and call them back when it's their turn.

Callers can appear on any camera angle of the map.

Boldstream delays the transmission as required to allow for moderation.

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Social Connection & Shopping

We want to Tweet, Post, search, and window shop while we watch TV.

With Boldstream, participate in your social stream and never leave the show.

The show can ask you to weigh in and reward you for it.

Shopping from browsing to checkout, without leaving the show.

With J-Spot, even the ads can respond in real time, like deliver you stuff during the show.


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360 & VR

Boldstream can present multiple 360 cameras to the fans and viewers at home. Viewers can wear phone based VR headsets to immerse themselves.

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We’ve been watching TV the same way for ever. We’ve always predicted we would really interact with it. Now we finally can.
— Amy Chacon, 6 Time Emmy Award Winner


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